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Escape The World (chapter 1)

The title explains what Katara and Zuko's Main focus is at the moment in the fic. Just to get away from the things that were holding them back and to learn to live like they are meant to. ( took forever to come up with!!)
*Keep in mind, this is my first fanfic and I am no Fandomme... just a warning XD
*I need a person to beta as I finish chapters, thanks to those who beta'd this one ^_^ (including FoxySuji from dA!!)
*first person to guess my inspiration gets a virtu-cookie, and the title isn't a hint. It is a song,I'll give you that for a hint.
  Please... someone get it. XD.
        Katara held the pendant of her mothers necklace in the palm of her hand and traced the lines with her finger thoughtfully.
        "We can fix it, you do know that Katara? We just need a new ribbon." Aang said, twirling the broken ribbon around his finger. He looked up and closed his hand around the frayed blue band and reached for his tea." Actually, Now that I think about it, I could just make you a new one. A completely new one. There's some great carving stone back at the air temple."
        Katara looked up at him. " Aang, I've told you this before. I don't want you to carve me anything." She clenched her fist with the pendant inside. She had gotten very tired of repeating the same answers over and over again. Aang seemed to be one of the worst people for that, with an inherent stubbornness to accept answers he didn't like.
        Aang set his cup back in its place and looked puzzled." Well, we can use your mother's pendant and I'll just buy you the new ribbon. Do you think that would  qualify as making you a new necklace?"
        Katara sighed, frustrated by his lack of understanding." I don't want a new necklace, Aang. I'm not ready to stop wearing my mother's yet, and I am not ready to get married." She set her pendant on the table and took her tea to the window. She took a sip and looked out over the earth kingdom capital and the children playing ball over the stack of destroyed Fire Nation tanks, the only remnant of the war that was left in the city.
        "But Katara, we've been together for years now..." Aang said walking up behind her and wrapping his arms around her. She shrugged him off and he forced himself into her vision. "When will you be ready?"
        Katara looked at him blankly for a moment then let her eyes scan the sky, searching for the words. "I don't think I will ever be..."
        She had replayed that conversation a thousand times in her head, and coming back to The Jasmine Dragon always made the memories more vivid. Her first real kiss, that started her "romance" (if you could call it that) with the avatar had been here, just 5 years before and the conversation which ended it was only a few months past.
        She avoided the porch off the front of the teashop and took the side entrance, finding her way into the kitchen. The smell of the signature Jasmine tea floated on the air from the place where the pot sat simmering on the stove. As usual, Iroh tended the tea with his bending, a practice he insisted  made the tea sweeter. Katara stood in the doorway and bent the tea up out of the pot and into the form of a waving hand. Iroh jumped back, and turned to find Katara laughing.
        " I didn't think it was possible for you to be afraid of tea!" She said, walking forward and bowing slightly.
        "Normally I wouldn't be, but waving tea is a rare sight." Iroh replied, laughing deeply. He reached out and hugged her tightly. He had become like family to everyone in the Avatar's exclusive little group and his displays of affection were a nice offset to Toph's signature punch in the arm. He smiled brightly. " What brings you here, Miss Katara? I haven't seen you since your last visit with Aang!"
        " I came for your tea, of course!" Katara said, walking over to the pot and breathing in the scent of the tea."I'm doing some traveling alone for a while. I'm probably gonna drop in to see Toph, then head over to Kyoshi to visit Sokka and Suki. After that I might see about visiting Zuko and Mai in the capital."
        Iroh's face brightened and a mischievous grin spread across his face. "Well, who am I to keep you waiting?!"He said, handing her a steaming porcelain teacup with a red dragon on the side."Here, take this tea and go visit the new garden. It's quite beautiful right now."  Iroh ushered her out the door and ran off, to handle some business he had been putting off.


          Katara had gotten very good at taking orders. For a year, she  had "taken orders" from the Avatar. She spent that year catering to his needs. Washing his clothes, cooking his meals, teaching him bending, making sure he slept, even bringing him back from the  dead at one point. Apparently, this caused him to fall in love with her, and for a while she believed she felt the same.
        For four and a half years, she spent every waking moment with him. She had been content, happy even, to be with him. She did love him, but day by day it sunk in that their relationship was not normal. He clung to her like a child to his mother, and she scolded him as a mother would. She was the mother that Aang had never had living  with the monks, and the combination of mother and girlfriend was something that she found more than a little disturbing...
        "Now this is an order I don't mind taking..."she thought as she smiled into her tea. She took a sip and watched the turtleducks play in the little garden pond. The breeze moved the branches of the umbrella tree above her, letting the mid-summer sun filter down on the water.
        " There you are! Uncle told me you were here." Katara heard a familiar voice say. She turned around and went running towards him, nearly knocking him over in the process of hugging him.
        "Zuko! I thought you and Mai were hosting some huge meeting of dignitaries in the capital!" Katara said smiling and jumping around happily.
        "Well, we were. But I decided I needed some time away." Zuko said,rubbing the back of his his neck with a slightly pained expression. " I've been missing out on a lot of things lately. I just thought it was time to take a break and catch up with life. Toph sent me a letter about this match she has coming up, Sokka said something about a hunting trip he wanted to take, and uncle wanted some help setting up this garden. I haven't heard from Aang lately though."
        " I don't think Aang's in much of a writing mood." Katara said, rubbing her hands together thoughtfully. " We broke up a few months ago and he hasn't been taking it well. He's sent me about a letter a week ever since, trying to talk me into taking him back."
        Zuko had a shocked expression. "When did this happen? I thought you guys were doing so well, at least that's how it sounded from Aang's letters..."
        "Well, we were for a while. Then, I realized being Aang's mom and his girlfriend was a little weird." Katara said, laughing a little.
        "It took you four years to figure that out?" Zuko said, laughing with her. Katara gave him a little punch and smiled up at him. He had changed since the last time she had seen him. His hair was still as unkempt as it had always been, but it seemed to fit him with less awkwardness. He seemed taller than she remembered, but she figured that was more because she was used to being with Aang than that he had grown.
        " Hey, where is Mai? I figured she'd be with you." Katara said, pulling Zuko over to sit with her by the pond. He sat his tea cup beside hers and looked down at the water in the pond, stirring it with his finger.
"She didn't come." Zuko stared into the water. " She had this grudge over how I broke up with her to join the group when I did, and she was overprotective and possessive. I was sick of being controlled and suspected for being late. She didn't like the time I had to spend away from her and I didn't like spending time with her if she was just going to be angry the entire time. So we broke up and I came here to get away and get things in order."
      "I didn't think Mai was passionate enough to be possessive. I always figured she was the type to just let things go and get over it." Katara looked him in the eye. "I know how you feel though. Its tough to not be trusted by someone you care about."
      Zuko reached out and took one of the magnolia flowers that floated on the surface of the water. "It was. I've gotten over it,I think. I guess I just needed the break and the change of scenery." He smiled and handed her the flower. She tucked it behind her ear.

        "How's it look?" She said, rearranging her hair around the white flower.
        "Perfect." Zuko stared and replied, his smiling eyes reflecting the golden sky.

Stormbenders Fanart

From Stormbenders (of course) Chapter 15

An entry! FINALLY

I just figured I'd post my first journal here with all my art and stuff... I don't really have an Idea what to write XD...
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Here is

Zutara "Chaste Kiss" collab
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